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Saratoga Dental Patient Testimonials - Dentist Reviews - Dr. Nam


I had veneers on the six front teeth replaced with Dr. Nam. Found him on the website, and decided to try him. The best decision I've made ever!!! As a person, Dr. Nam is really nice and honest. As a dentist, he is really professional and metriculous on his works. On the first day, he spent quite long time explaining to me very clearly. The final outcome of my veneers were exceptional! Somehow, they looked way more natural than my 2 previous sets of veneers. Really happy with him. Highly recommend.



My teeth were worn down so much, so I was told that I needed full mouth reconstruction. I was referred to Dr. Nam by my general dentist. I was really fortunate to meet him. Dr. Nam planned everything from A to Z for my total treatments. He has been super kind and he explained every details before he starts anything. He worked with the best other doctors too. I also love them. I had gone thru implant surgeries, ortho treatments, and many other treatments. Finally, I got my gorgeous and lovely smile back. Now I am 65 years old, but everyone told me I look like 50 after treatment with Dr. Nam. You can ask Dr. Nam to show my treatment photos. Highest Recommendation to anyone who needs complex dental treatments.



My mouth presented a complex history of problems: small teeth, the bite was off and needed to be opened up and I came with implants. (The implants were done expertly earlier and presented no problems.) I found Dr. Jung Nam through friends after a recent terrible experience with a dentist. This dentist unfortunately was not a Prosthodontist.

After many months of pain, frustration and infection, I happily met with Dr. Nam. He is kind, socialible and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable in his field. He explained and showed me his plans for my whole-mouth restoration.

He carefully took my medical and dental history, full mouth x-rays and other views, series of photographs of my face and teeth and studied the casts he made of my mouth. We worked together for months, Dr. Nam correcting the work done by the former dentist. He got me to the stage of wearing temporary teeth to open my bite and getting used to the look and feel of them. This was excellent. Progressively I graduated to my beautiful new porcelain teeth. He was willing to listen to any suggestions I had on the final shade of color I wanted on my new porcelain teeth.

I am extremely happy with my new bite and expecially my look. I have longer and whiter (age approiate-not teenage white) looking teeth. My friends and family say that I look years younger and the lines around my mouth have almost disappeared. Dr. Nam, this is an unexpected bonus!

Dr. Nam has always been concerned about my comfort while in his chair, asking "How are you doing?"

I'm impressed that Dr. Nam keeps such great photo records of his patient's mouths before, during and after their proceedures. It also gives me great confidence to know that I am being attended to by a man that not only practices his art, but also teaches it as a Prof. in the Dept. of Prosthodontics at the University of the Pacific, as well.



I was referred to Dr. Nam for my complete dentures. I had dentures for more than 25 years, and I had several sets by different dentists so far. Dr. Nam did a great job for my new dentures, and now I could eat better than before. He is also teaching dentures at UOP dental school. I am planning to have implant dentures in the near future. I am sure I will get that implant dentures by Dr. Nam.



I came into the office completely petrified of the dentist and my teeth were in poor shape. Dr. Nam assured me that everything was going to be alright and that he would take care of me. He made sure that every visit went smooth and that I was comfortable. He has done a crown and fillings for me and everything has been amazing. During all the procedures, i felt nothing and i was in zero pain. Dr. Nam is amazing, i will continue to visit his office and i give him 5 stars. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Marissa R.